We spent 9 years focusing on



Founder’s vision

“I aspired to invent a technology to create hundreds, thousands, or milllions of high-quality avatars, without manually making them one-by-one.

Previously, creating ONE AVATAR like this costs 5-figures USD and weeks of team manual expertise.
With Quantum Human, it’s a matter of several minutes machine time, fully automated.
Virtual identity is finally possible for the whole population.

I brew my 20 years of computer graphics and human anatomy knowledge into codes, to automate the complex process of avatar creation.
It will be used for production, events, theme parks, mobile and offline apps, etc. Avatars are also neccessary basis of emerging tech in fashion, games, social media,e-commerce, VR,etc. For everyone, for the future, in mass scale.” 



Our founder, Mr. Kwai Bun, has been running his CGI animation studio for 13 years now. 9 years ago, he has been searching for a way to make the process faster and easier, yet no one can give him an answer. The reason behind the difficulty, is that it requires so many technical steps, and so many human judegmenet. To automate the whole process, it requires a thorough understanding of the whole process.


The complexity

Technically, it’s not just putting the joints, we need to clean, align the unstructured scan data, we need to re-create a clean model by re-topology, making it symmetrical, filling it missing details, texture projection, touch up. And then we need to put joints, paint the skin weighting, rigging the face, putting in eyes and teeth, creating control Rig, mocap Rig, align the mocap data, do the mapping, we need to test with lights and motion, blah blah blah  


1-click is the answer

Introducing Quantum Human, the world’s only true automated avatar system. Using only 1-click, a scanned human or any arbitaray human shaped mesh, can be turned into professionally formatted avatar, in a few minutes. No manual work is required. You can create over 100 avatar in one single day. which is amazing.  


0-click! another huge step!

To further expand the automation level, we created “QServer”, a distributed avatar processing and management server, with a true zero-click pipeline. This means it is infintiely scalable by adding more computers. And what you need to do is literally watch each avatar being created on itself without even telling it to start. It even integrate with popular scan processing software, and outputs native game engine format for dynamic loading. Which makes it a true SCAN-TO-APP solution. This also means, for the first time in history, avatar creation can be done in a mass scale. People only need 1 second for capture, and they have a virtual avatar for life time. All the complex work is done at the backend without human effort.  


Cloud is the ultimate

Cloud allows Qhuman to create thousands and millions of avatars. Digital identity is readily available soon!


For production House

For production usage, we can edit and tweak step by step, which saves you literally 70-90% of avatar creation effort. And the resulting avatar can be further modified to your need.  


Solid Expertise and Real-life User-case

We have R&D for 3D scanning human for 9 years. Photogrammtry becomes our second nature. And we have been rigging virutal characters in animation production since 20 years ago. In 2016 Germany, Cebit the biggest B2B IT conference in the world, we helped HPE to create 700+ avatars in 5 days using only 2 computers. Every event pariticipants are just queuing to get thier own avatars. And this is just the begining,


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