Qhuman Enterprise Server

Zero-click live demo of scan-to-app

Qhuman Enterprise Server is essentially a local-install solution of:



  • Qhuman Enterprise
  • Qserver
  • Unity/UE4 API source files
  • Consultancy for 3D scan optimization.

The whole solution enables to you process hundred(s) of avatars a day. And it can be scaled up infinitely by adding more Qhuman Batch Nodes

The simplified notion of automation that Qserver controls:

photos > 3D model > 3D avatars > Unity/UE4 runtime App

Qserver GUI:



There are 2 modes of Operation you can choose from:

  1. Start the automation chain from photos
  2. Start the automation chain from 3D model of human scan


We provide Unity/ UE4 API so that you can develop your app and load avatars dynamically into your Unity/UE4 App at runtime, as each avatar finishes processing. For more information about Unity/ UE4 API, see here.

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