( aka. realtime auto-drape cloth simulation system) 

QFit has a unique technical advancement of auto-drape cloth onto avatars in seconds, plus simulating with avatar animation in real-time. These separate itself from existing cloth and textile simulation systems, in which manual effort is required to sucessfully drape EACH cloth on EACH avatar. Most of these systems are also non-realtime, meaning it cannot drape in seconds nor drape and simulate on demand of any avatars of your customers. the most these system can do is a pre-drape, pre-simulate, without lots of manual work, and present a mock-up.

QFit made scan-to-fit possible by the above technical achievement.



( aka. dynamic runtime avatar injection ) 

QLoad enables unity and UE apps to load / stream avatars assets. The usual unity UE apps cannot do so without recompiling nor restarting an app.

This eables scan-to-avatar / fit apps to be able to load customer avatars and other assets completely on-demand. 



( aka. rapid-hair-sketch ) 

QHair allows you to create digital hair style in an intuitive and artist-friendly way, just like how a drawing artist draws hair on paper . It’s designed to use with stylus pen for natural and rapid hair creation. 

Existing hair system mostly depend on proceduralism for hair generation, which are powerful yet creating the exact hair style is unintuitive, indirect, and requires lots of simulation/ parametric thinking. Qhair let you just draw and free from indirect/ technical thinking. 

You might think “isn’t it tiring and time-consuming to draw hundreds of hair to create the hairstyle?” If you have experience to create hair style using existing systems, you will find that tweaking numbers and dealing with technical complexity will end up spending you hours or days. With Qhair, using stylus and rapidly draw those hairs directly, you will find that drawing hundreds of hair are actually easier than you think and might spend just minutes, and you have complete freedom. Download and try it for yourself and you will find the pleasure of sketching hair freely, creates much more organic digital hair than others, and with way higher efficency. 



( aka. rapid pose sketch ) 

QPose allows you to “sketch” pose freely, intuitively, and in a much faster efficency than the usual 3D manipulators FK/IK system.







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