8 Years Expertise in Human Scanning

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Our full body photogrammetry scanner

Lowest cost for highest detail human scanning

RAW scan result above


Our custom built scanner, allow us to built the most cost-effective scanner that has ultra-high fidelity.

Base features:

  • 1 second instant capture. Field tested
  • High-resolution geometry and texture for full body
  • Mobile deployment construction.


Professional features:

  • Ultra-high resolution geometry and texture at face region
  • automatic world-aligned orientation and scale
  • automatic ground and fuzz mesh removal
  • projection for reliable and consistant scan result, tested for dark cloths to white cloths, plain cloths, all dynamic range covered.
  • integrated to Qserver.
  • Almost zero failure rate even with dark cloths

Contact us to help you build/ upgrade your scanner to above professional features.



Our face photogrammetry scanner

compatible with Qhuman face mode 






Qserver as batch scan processing manager


compatible with Photoscan Pro and CR*



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